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Hot-Map analysis of your current website

An easy way to understand your website visitors and identify your hottest opportunities for growth.

A great starting point for your new website is to understand how your current website functions for the user. We add code to your existing website which enables us to understand what users are interested in, and how they use your website by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour, the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

UX User experience analysis

Wireframe design for your new website

This is a great opportunity to plan how and where content will display for both desktop and mobile.

Good old fashioned pencil and paper are the ideal way to explore ideas, create flow diagrams and design page layouts. This allows us to develop the essential structure of the home and other key pages.

UX wireframe design

Website build – Mobile first

On average 56% of website visits come via mobile device. Which is why we design and build websites for the mobile user first.

Offering clear navigation and delivering your products and services in the very best way is paramount when developing a website. A well designed site offers responsive functionality, to ensure that it displays equally effectively whatever the user’s choice of bowser device.

Now is the time to redesign your website to give visitors the best possible user experience.

Showpiece design website designer

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